About Us

About Us

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We the Traditional School

Chozhagam is a traditional school established with a motive to promote the ancient and long lost art forms of the Nation. It is an initiative by Aasan Dr. Kavin Dakshinamoorthy who is an expertise in martial arts for 15 years.

We started our journey in 2016 and today, Chozhagam has around 10 branches in TamilNadu with more than 1500 students. Chozhagam stands the first academy in Chennai to provide 15 art forms under one roof. 

Our vision is to make every individual a better self by providing them with the most valuable art forms of the nation with authenticity. Champs of Chozhagam have made their successful contributions in the National and Asian Silambam Tournaments.

We strive to create an environment that is nature friendly and presents you with the old times. 

About the Founder

Aasan Dr. Kavin Dakshinamoorthy, a qualified martial artist was the spark of this great initiative. Aasan Kavin is a South Asian gold-medalist in Silambam. His passion towards martial arts empowered him to craft a school which offers all extra-oridinary art forms under one roof. He also offers free trainings to orphans, transgenders, widows and children of single parent. The Global Human Peace University honoured him with a Doctorate in Martial Arts for his great work in th field. 

"Art not entrusted to the future, is an art in extinct."