Indian Club Bell ( Karla )

Indian Club Bell ( Karla )

  • Amount:

    Rs 800 - 50,000

Karla Kattai also known as Indian Club Bell is a traditional weight training equipment originated in India. The Karlas are available in different wood varieties such as Teak, Vagai, Wild Neem, Maruthu, Kali Maruthu, Pungan, Iluppai, Palaa, Agni Palaa etc,. 

Types of Karla 

1. Kai Karla

2. Pidi Karla

3. Thoppa Karla 

4. Surai Karla

5. Gusthi Karla

6. Irattai Karla 

7. Gadayudham

* Price of the Karla depends on the size, wood variety, finishing and quality.

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